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Friday, March 14th, 2003
9:20 pm

current mood: ketchup!

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
12:55 am - ......

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Thursday, February 20th, 2003
8:22 pm - Heee heee heee heee!!!!!!!11oneoneone

is celegorm's birthday!!!

he is like 34832974 or something. really really old anyway!

in honour of this joyous event, i am not going to make fun of him, blame any crimes on him, or even post an embarrasing picture!!







if you believed that, well... i was just talking to god eru and like... he says you ALL have to give me fifty bucks.

.......or not.

happy birthday gormy!!!

current mood: productive

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Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
2:15 am - la la la
*sings the celegorm is a bitch song*

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Wednesday, December 18th, 2002
10:43 am - teee heeeee heeeeeeeeee!
hehehehe hee hee hee heee hee HEE HEE HEEE HAHAHAHAHAHA ohohohohoho ahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ehehehehehhehehe HEE HEE HEEE

it's looooove!

i should tell aredhel i should!!

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10:32 am - !!!!!!
hahahaha celegorm looooooooves beren!!!!

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Saturday, September 7th, 2002
10:55 pm
Hi everyone.

I've been here with Aredhel and it feels like the old days, you know? Going off and hunting deer and then coming home and making a huge bonfire and singing songs with my other brothers and everything.

It's nice. :)

And I'm really glad that she's here because I've really really really missed her. And stuff. Although I'm not sure if she knows that because I'm an idiot. A medicated idiot. Anyway, I'm done.

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
2:37 am - just a simple question
Does that mean that Maglor gets to have medication shot into his bones too?

Resident psychotics in the House of Fëanor: Fëanor, Amras, Maglor, Amrod.

That's half the family, man.

current mood: querying

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12:21 am
It would seem that with the advent of insanity being accepted as the norm here, you could find a nice peaceful and secluded area to gun down local tourists.

But that is not so. A pity. Even with the missing rangers of the Dunedain, you find little pests trying to prevent you from complete emotional catharsis with a firearm.

I heard through the grapevine that my twin brother will be going through a complete package of cosmetic surgery following a frontal lobotomy. Which is rather comforting, as the rest of the world should no longer be subjected to things like this:


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Sunday, June 16th, 2002
9:04 pm
dear dad,

i drew you a picture.

i also drew mum a picture too.

i hope you both like them.

i'm ok. curufin and maedhros and caranthir went away. my head hurts a lot. they're still using the needles that go in my bones. sometimes i can't see. most of the time i'm too sick to move. but it's ok because im not hurting anybody.

everybody wentawayyyyy i have no friends ok.

bye dad. i hope you're ok.

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Saturday, June 8th, 2002
3:57 pm - i'll do my loving in the winter

black eyes black eyes black eyes black eyes black eyes

this is my mummy. mummy mummy mummy promised she'd never leave me. when i was little, i found a mouse in the mud it was raining and celegorm had poked its eyes out with a stick and then i cried cried cried maglor looked upset mummy said calm down.

never ever ever ever again then dad got upset one day grandfather died guarding dad's stuff bad vala killed him bad bad bad i got blood all over my hands then a sword went through me and i died i died died died died died died died.

they stuck a needle in me that went into my bones.

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Friday, June 7th, 2002
4:53 pm
bathtub tubby bathtubby see all the water and the foam up high into my nose and eyes and ears until i can hear nothing at all. theres no flowers to sleep in this time not for meeeeeeee.

he took a long cold look at me
and smiled and gazed all over my arm
she loves to see me get down to ground
she hasn't time just to be with me
her face between all she means to be
to be extreme, just to be extreme
a broken pier on the wavy sea
she wonders why for all she wants to see...
but i got up and i stomped around
and hid the piece where the trees touch the ground...

the end of truth that lay out the time
spent lazing here on a painting dream
a mile or more in a foreign clime
to see farther inside of me.

and looking high up into the sky
i breathe as the water streams over me...

current mood: gurgle

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2:16 am
here ill sing you a song.

Honey love you, honey little,
honey funny sunny morning
love you more funny love in the skyline baby
ice-cream 'scuse me,
I've seen you looking good the other evening

Oh, you dig it, had to smile just an hour or so
Are we in love like I think we be?
It Ain't a long rhyme.
It took ages to think
I think I'll hurl it in the water, baby...

Honey love you, honey little,
honey funny sunny morning
love you more funny love in the skyline baby
ice-cream 'scuse me,
I've seen you looking good the other evening

Flaking you are an nice little one
to put it all around, its just good
I like it, hey hey hey
S'pose some time that day
whoopee! swinging along over across to me

Honey love you, honey little,
honey funny sunny morning
love you more funny love in the skyline baby
ice-cream 'scuse me,
I've seen you looking good the other evening

Goodtime rocker woman we'll stray our pieces
little creepy we shine so sleepy,
so whoopee!
That's how you look...

Honey love you, honey little,
honey funny sunny morning
love you more funny love in the skyline baby
ice-cream 'scuse me,
I've seen you looking good the other evening.

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1:51 am - hullo
i think my brothers and faramir are coming to get me and give me my medicine. theres a girl on the other side of the roooom and i dunno why shes here hi howe areyou i have pictures to show you.

my mum took all of thse,i think. i miss her very much i havent seen her in a while. hihihi w hy areyou lookig so angry sad


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Thursday, June 6th, 2002
4:46 pm
My beloved is still strapped to the bed. I will administer some more of the muscle relaxant later, perhaps, because the actions from the night before had pleased me greatly, enough so that I feel no desire to touch her just yet.
I had removed all of the bloodstains from her clothing. What pretty little marks her lovely little teeth had left upon my hand. I shall treasure it forever. But, my naughty little songbird, you musn't do that again. I had promised to myself that I won't harm your pretty body, and I shall not... perhaps I should inject you again and run lotion on y our wrists and ankles where the rope burned your sweet skin. It makes me ache to see your flesh turn violet and blue... You do understand, my love, that the injections are necessary. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself trying to hurt me, my pretty. This is all for the best.
Yesterday morning I had thought to myself that I should've gotten my medication before I left for Numenor. You see, my pills had run out, but I was so excited at the prospect of visiting Numenor that I simply forgot about the medication. Isn't it interesting that my family is slave under these brain-altering chemicals? Your cousin Elladan had pumped all sorts of neat tranquilisers into my father's new body. The same goes for the rest of my brothers - Caranthir, the most hot tempered of us all, who once ripped the throats out of kindred elves, has been reduced to a sweet and gentle soul. My brother Curufin, who perhaps was the most cruellest of us all, represses his true self through a supposed shield of conscience. And what gave him that conscience? Pills. Celegorm is actually decent most of the time. Would you believe that he is medicated too? Maedhros, Maglor, the golden fruits of my family in the eyes of Middle Earth; they carry small silver pill boxes wherever they go. At least, my twin brother Amrod. The brother of mine destroyed so far with head trauma that he is hardly more than a dog. Quite sad. But, my pretty, I am quite glad that I did not have my medication. I might not have met you, my eyes might not have appreciated your beauty as I do now. See how faulted chemicals are? They change your very soul.

*traces with a finger across her bared flesh*

I have many stories inside of me that I can tell you, my darling. Years and years of stories, tucked away in my head right here. I have all the time in the world to tell you all of them. Here, my dear, I made you something to eat. If you choose not to eat this soup that I have made for you, your body shall have to be fed by pins and needles. NOw be good and eat this, dearest. No? Very well then.

*gets out a towel and the chloroform*

Perhaps it is for the best that you sleep again, my dear, I will rest beside you as you slumber.

*chloroforms the girl and then kisses her collarbone*

Goodnight, my love.

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Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
3:12 pm
My brother has got the right idea.

I'm in Numenor right now. It's just as beautiful as everyone says it is - the white sands, the thousands of shades of green, the rich fragrance of the flowers...

It makes you lonely and feel sharp pangs in your heart. I want a girl. A beautiful girl who is intelligent and charming and enjoys acid-laced sugarcubes.

Oh, what's this? Oh my eru, she is spectacular. Why are you crying, my dear? It makes me ache inside to see you with tears on your lovely face. I think I love you. I want you as my wife.

*chloroforms the pretty girl and drags her off to an undisclosed location*

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
11:43 pm - a story
I curled up back way back in my closet and found something: a tiny black and white hamster infant, hardly larger than half of my thumb, curled up, dusty, and dead. Its little eyes were welded shut and its limbs were stiff and cold and its jaws were open red, and collected with dust.
I thought, wow.
I exited the closet and found a bottle of ginger ale and I decided to pour myself a glass of ginger ale. I watched the bubbles rise to the edges and I dropped the dead infant inside. The bubbles of carbon dioxide attached itself to the black and white fur and the infant floated to the top. Its mouth was open, as if gasping for air, showing tiny white teeth, tongue licking oxygen and ginger ale.
Dust from its fur detached itself and floated to the top, dancing liquid.

So I left the infant floating in the glass and went to bed.

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Thursday, May 23rd, 2002
10:10 pm
Faramir is going off to find nirvana whilst depriving his body of food and nutrients and anything that contributes to health.

Yeah. I promised that I would visit him soon though!!!! I want him to be my best friend because I think he's so neat.

I found an old photo of me and dad. Mum had knitted me that black sweater before I left home with dad and my brothers to seek the Silmarils and all that stuff. I died in that black sweater. I miss my black sweater.
See my black sweater.

Dad taught me to play the guitar. We have a very musical family, as you can see. Maedhros plucked away at the bass in between asking why the bass guitar was so heavy and asking Maglor to bring him martinis with olives, not cherries. Um, Maglor taught himself how to play the guitar too, and Celegorm was a guitarist too. We also have two drummers in the family, Caranthir and Curufin - and believe me, they were the bane of the family. Eheh. Heh heh. Of course we also had Amrod but he didn't play any musical instruments unless you considered him manipulating his fists and armpits and creating a variety of Noldor folk tunes and that sort of thing. I had a frying pan once too. It had a dent in it from my smashing it into Amrod's skull so many times.

It seems that all my brothers except for me and Amrod have girlfriends. Maedhros doesn't count because he has a mirror. Although Amrod honestly shouldn't be with anyone because he is mentally retarded and runs around drooling and I think he's teething. Did I mention that I think Faramir is really really cool and I really like his pink sweater did you see that I had a black sweater?

Mummy, I want a black sweater. Can you make me a black sweater again?

I gave the Mouth of Sauron a sugarcube yesterday and the walls started chanting at him or something. One time double-A batteries swirled around my head and sang the Lamb-Chop theme song for three whole weeks.

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Saturday, May 18th, 2002
8:36 pm
Who knew that toothpaste can taste so good.

current mood: minty

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Friday, May 17th, 2002
1:15 am
So today, I found out that there was an esoteric phrase of lunacy called 'twincest'. Apparently, it's a creation that burst from the loins of introverted pimple-popping and sexually frustrated lunes who enjoy the notion of two mirrored prettythings fuck each other silly! All sorts of creative ways to have sex! (Imagine coital actions between two mannequins and paint their lips a nice pretty colour) Between twins!
I'm a twin myself. The last thing I would want to do is to copulate with my twin brother, whom, I feel compelled to include, is mentally deranged. He picks his nose. He runs about playing his favourite game 'Be the Hoover' and licks up lint and dead spiders with his tongue and ingests it! But then some people would find it erotic, wouldn't they? He drools even Celegorm's old stupid double-crossing, ass-sniffing, Doriath-humping mutt Huan to shame and that's fucking saying a lot.

I have no twin. The only pleasure I get out of life is ingesting acid-laced sugarcubes as Tropicana fruits swirl around my head as I imagine eating Eo-cake. I am not insane. I am not motivated by lust or greed! 100 Acco #1 Silverette paperclips for dinner today.

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